Oct 24, 2016

Discoholycs - Qué Es Funk?(Original Mix)

Dino Soccio - Berlin Boombox Mixtape #35

1. Brothers Johnson- Land of Ladies 
2. Chocolate Milk- Let's Go All The Way
3. Caprice- 100% (Vocal)
4. Skyy- Show Me The Way
5. I-Level- Give Me
6. Magnum Force- Cool Out
7. Imagination - Changes (Larry Levan Mix)
8. Aurra- Checking You Out (Shep Pettibone Mix)
9. Legacy- Word Up
10. Spencer Jones- How High
11. Sharon Redd- Beat The Street
12. Serious Intention- Serious
13. Colonel Abrams- Trapped/Out of My Head (Jean Claude Gavri Mix)
14. Shangri & La- Padacelsus
15. Laid Back- It's the Way You Do It (Velvet Spike Mix)
16. Expansives- Life With You...

Alpines - Stay


James Hersey - Miss You (Video)

AIMES - Central Balearica Part 1

Indian Summer - Been Here Before ft. Eloise Cleary + Remixes

Lucas V - Lights ft. Tequisha

Duñe - She's Not

Rhode & Brown - St. Hippolyte

Du Tonc - Keep Movin'

Oct 21, 2016

Jerry Bouthier - Heart & Soul #10 (Free Download)

Here's the 10th Jerry Bouthier's (JBAG) Heart & Soul mix, its the perfect fusion of catwalk and dance floor. The Heart & Soul series is inspired by the soundtracks he produces for the fashion world, the likes of Vivienne Westwood, these mixes focus on heart-melting melodies and emotions.

In this new episode we can listen tracks and remixes by artists like Hypnolove, Lifelike, Kris Menace, Reflex, Porshes, Jungle and Midnight to Monaco (check the complete tracklist below). Get ready to have fun and enjoy !

"These evocative soundtracks, almost psychedelic, fairytale-like at times, aren’t quite the same as the fun, party mood I play in clubs, but are close enough as they favour positive vibes and human feelings in one continuous slightly trippy haze, which takes enchanting cinematic routes, feeling like a movie (or book) to listen to.
Carefully crafted – I dedicate as much care and time to them as to those I’ve released on Kitsuné, my imprint Continental or Emerald & Doreen – the Heart & Soul mixes aren’t about the latest promos. I don’t even pay that much attention to who the artists are to be honest, the tracks’ melodic/emotional contents guide me blindly.
For three months I put on the side the strongest tracks I come across, new and old too sometimes, then try to develop a story out of these varied components. I let the music speak for itself and entice sensual sensations to lose yourself in, fall in love to and groove to late at night as Heart & Soul is still about dancing – albeit not in the usual Saturday night peaktime mode – perfect for home parties with loved one(s) but also for sport and work even.
    Jerry Bouthier 

  1. Loleatta Holloway – Love Sensation (DJ Fopp Re-Worked)
  2. Dantiez Saunderson feat. Larae Starr – The Harp
  3. Hypnolove – La Piscine (Lucien Remix)
  4. Rampue – Adagio For Phoenicopterus
  5. Jungle – Crumbler (Aatlas Jeepsafari Remix)
  6. Kim And Buran – Running On The Waves
  7. Lifelike & Kris Menace – What Time Is Love
  8. Erald Lesi – Masoura]
  9. Porshes – Blood To A Shark (Tigerilla Remix)
  10. Durante – Cold (ft. Tuff Ghosts)
  11. Island man – Tawhid
  12. Liz Cirelli – Lalita
  13. Key-Matic – Breakin’ In Space
  14. Midnight To Monaco – One In A Million (Kant Remix)
  15. Hundreds – What Remains (Penwood Take It Easy Remix)
  16. Austin Ato – Take Me To The Desert
  17. Fabian Kash – Odd

Mix, production & edits by Jerry Bouthier
Mastering - Andrea Gorgerino

Boston Bun - Get Into It ft. Loreen (1994 Edition)

Zanski - Feel Alright

Rihanna - Love On The Brain (Gigamesh Remix)

Matveï - Kitsuné Maison 18 Minimix

1 Johan - High in the Woods
2 XXX - How Feet Is Your Love
3 Adian Coker - Krispy
4 Les Gordon - Paradise (feat. ADI)
5 SAINt JHN - Roses
6 Pusher - Tell You
7 Parcels - Myenemy 
8 Manast LL' - Adrian LL' (2016 Edit)
9 Human Movement - Right Thang (feat. Eliot Porter)
10 Samito - Cem Cem (feat. Mabika & Muneshine)
11 Courts - Feel My Love
12 SAKIMA - Snake Boy City
13 Leisure - Control Myself
14 VenessaMichaels - Like That (feat. Jackson Breit)
15 GIRLI - Too Much Fun
16 Matveï - Alone

Statickman - Chronovisor

Kauf - Key To Life (Ambassadeurs Remix)

Justice - Alakazam!

Vitalic - Waiting For The Stars ft. David Shaw And The Beat

Luttrell - Good Day

Loframes feat. Anoraak - Since You've Gone (Ride The Universe Remix)(Free Download)

Patrick Baker - Back to Galveston (Panski Remix)

Revolucien & A-P Connection - Run Around (Patawawa Remix)

Lila Gold - China Chalet (JackLNDN Remix)

Oct 20, 2016

Jagwar Ma - Colours of Paradise

TWRR - Explanations (Video)

Tepr - Soundtimental

Pat Lok - My Own Throne (feat. Claire Mortifee) (Palette Remix)(Free Download)

Cherokee - Love Your Days

Le Youth - Me Without You (Remixes)

Claptone - Clapcast #64

01. Låpsley - Operator (DJ Koze's 12 Inch Extended Disco Version) [XL Recordings]
02. Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper (Joey Negro Bumper To Bumper Mix) [Z Records]
03. Teachers - Ocean (Eli Escobar I Love You Instrumental Remix) [Green Owl]
04. Roland Clark vs Ultra Nate - The First Time Free (Claptone Remix) [Defected]
05. Sante Sansone - Venice in Love (Original Mix) [Glasgow Underground]
06. Martin Waslewski - Clouds (Purple Disco Machine Remix) [Suara]
07. Patryk Molinari - Hide (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix) [Ritter Butzke Studio]
08. Black Girl / White Girl - Play My Disco (Del-30 Remix) [Strictly Deep]
09. Bad Boy Bill, Milty Evans, J Paul Getto - Do Your Thing (Original Mix) [Guesthouse Music]
10. Prok & Fitch - Double Vision (Original Mix) [Suara]
11. The Golden Boy - Good To You (Terrace Mix) [Love & Other]

Oct 19, 2016

Rambo V - Rincón (Original Mix)

A-Trak & Tommy Trash - Lose My Mind (Jean Tonique Remix)

Black Kids - Obligatory Drugs (Video)

Pavan - Renita

Le Tigre - I'm With Her

Reflex - Give Me A Sign

Le Youth - Me Without You (Rogue Vogue Remix)

Body Language - Can't Hang On

Millesim - Big In Japan (feat. Roman) (Alphaville cover)

Argonaut&Wasp - Ha! Fiction

Golden Bug feat. Julienne Dessagne - Accroché à Moi (Video)

Bleu Toucan - Hanoï Café (Video)

Magic Bronson - What a Week

Dragonette - Body 2 Body (Lyric Video)

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